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Leonard will walk - with your help

Our son Leonard was born on September 17th, 2012, with missing fibula bones on both legs, foot dysplasia, leg  shortening and a curvature of the tibial bone. This disease called fibular hemimelia only occurs in one in 40,000  births. Due to the seriousness of Leonard’s condition and after many visits to doctors (in Germany and Austria) and  inquires to leading orthopedic surgeons worldwide, we have decided to seek treatment by the internationally  most experienced physician for fibular hemimelia, Dr. Dror Paley. We want to offer Leonard the best treatment  and the best prospects for his future life.  Thanks to the many donations Leonard has successfully received surgeries by Dr. Paley in Florida / USA in March  and June this year. The foot deformity and tibial curvature are corrected so that he can now start to discover the  world on his small but own feet. An important first step for him and everyone involved is done, but the journey is  not over yet.    In the fall of 2015, we will begin the process of lengthening Leonard’s lower legs with external fixators. It is very  time-consuming and requires a permanent and proper care. Very often fibular hemimelia patients experience  complications while lengthening the legs. Hence special knowledge and much experience are needed. In this  difficult time Leonard will have to go through at least two surgeries, as well as daily physiotherapy and regular  checks. For this purpose it will be necessary that Leonard and one parent will have to stay close to the clinic in  the USA for several months. For this upcoming treatment we need your continued support and ask for your assistance in the form of donations  to the charitable endowment fund formed for Leonard.  This fund is held in trust and administered by the  Foundation "Stifter für Stifter", where all invoices are checked, so that the donations are solely used to finance  Leonard’s treatment. Due to the long-term nature of this treatment, it  is   important to write the  German text „nicht zeitnah zu verwendende  Spende“ (non-timely used  donations) into the reference field of your donation. 
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